This is my SEVENTH consecutive year photographing my oldest and best friend's family for the weekend. (pause! Quickly check out their shoot seven years ago to see how the kids have grown)  This time I didn't go to their home in Wisconsin.  Instead they let me tag along on their family vacation to Disney World.  Kristen and I met when we were three years old so you can imagine how many times we talked about going to Disney together.  It was a long shot and we knew it, but it never kept us from fantasizing about it.  Fast forward lots of years and there we were together at Disney.  It was, truly, the best vacation ever.  I mean, I actually wanted to die of exhaustion because we hit three f*cking parks a day and went on every f*cking ride at each park for five days, BUT...but I had a blast.   There were many, many highs and a whole bunch of lows...for the kids.  For the was all hilarious roller coaster fun and then we drank a bunch of wine.  I am so beyond honored to be treated as part of this family.  I love them so much, I have loved watching these guys grow up.  Kristen is my right and left arm, my heart, and both my legs.  I do not know one day of this precious life without her, and I gotta say, I hope I never do.
Here is Kristen and Mark's amazing family.  Enjoy the photographs. Call your best friend.  She loves you.
LaskyBlog001.jpg LaskyBlog002.jpg LaskyBlog003.jpg LaskyBlog004.jpg LaskyBlog005.jpg LaskyBlog008.jpg LaskyBlog009.jpg LaskyBlog011.jpg LaskyBlog012.jpg LaskyBlog013.jpg LaskyBlog015.jpg LaskyBlog016.jpg LaskyBlog018.jpg LaskyBlog017.jpg LaskyBlog020.jpg LaskyBlog021.jpg LaskyBlog024.jpg LaskyBlog025.jpg LaskyBlog026.jpg LaskyBlog028.jpg LaskyBlog029.jpg LaskyBlog030.jpg LaskyBlog032.jpg LaskyBlog033.jpg
LaskyBlog034.jpg LaskyBlog037.jpg LaskyBlog040.jpg LaskyBlog042.jpg LaskyBlog043.jpg LaskyBlog044.jpg LaskyBlog047.jpg LaskyBlog048.jpg LaskyBlog050.jpg LaskyBlog051.jpg LaskyBlog052.jpg LaskyBlog054.jpg

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Kristee Kimball says:

These are literally priceless and I'm not even IN this family... There is so much personality and joy in these faces... What a wonderful moment in time to capture for these people to remember. Your talent is immense, Tara:)

(01.30.15 @ 01:47 AM)
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Lucky me.  I got to spend the day outside of LA with the coolest little crew going.  I went out to visit them a couple years ago when little Emerson was an only child, a sweet little girl.  Well, lucky for everyone, along came Edward about 2 years ago, and the world got way better.  I chased these little people around all dern day and loved every second.  This is what I saw this time 'round.  Enjoy. Thank you. Love.
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What an honor it was to be asked by Cara Soulia to photograph her family!  Cara is a gorgeous family photographer in Needham with just about the nicest family in the history of families. All four of them, soon to be five, are so kind and gentle and helpful and understated and fun.  It's one of those shoots I walk away from feeling totally full and happy, honored to be asked to document such good people.    Aaanyway.. let's look at some photos.  I love these guys.
blogcara001.jpg blogcara002.jpg blogcara003.jpg blogcara004.jpg blogcara005.jpg blogcara006.jpg blogcara007.jpg blogcara008.jpg blogcara009.jpg blogcara010.jpg blogcara011.jpg blogcara012.jpg blogcara013.jpg blogcara014.jpg blogcara015.jpg blogcara016.jpg blogcara017.jpg blogcara018.jpg blogcara020.jpg blogcara021.jpg blogcara022.jpg

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One of my favorite beautiful phenomenons of life is that it (life) just keeps getting better..for everyone.. always.  The best is yet to come ALWAYS!  Life is so rad.
Katie and her sons, Garrett and Griffin,  went through a super hard time a few years ago, and I bet there were times she wondered how she'd get through.  Fast forward just a few years, she and her new wonderful man have a brand spankin new son, Michael, and they're scheduled to be married in a year.  Life could NOT be better for these guys, and I couldn't be happier for them.  The best is yet to come, everyone.  For all of us!
MichaelBlog001.jpg MichaelBlog002.jpg MichaelBlog004.jpg MichaelBlog005.jpg MichaelBlog006.jpg MichaelBlog007.jpg MichaelBlog008.jpg MichaelBlog009.jpg MichaelBlog010.jpg

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rachel says:

I came here from Cara's page. Ahhh! A giant schauzer! So rare in these parts - we have one too!

Fantastic work. :)

(01.30.15 @ 02:31 PM)
Some girls have it all.  Jenny is not only a suuuper sweet and loyal friend, a beautiful dancer, and a gorgeous girl, she also just wrote a book called Born Ready: Unleash Your Inner Dream Girl. She needed some photos of herself for promotional reasons... like ya do... so she came over to the studio and I chased her around the floor for a bit. :)   If you have a young girl in your life, check out her book. Us young girls need all the love and encouragement to be rad we can get our hands on, ya know?
jennyblog001.jpg jennyblog002.jpg jennyblog003.jpg jennyblog004.jpg jennyblog005.jpg jennyblog006.jpg jennyblog007.jpg jennyblog008.jpg 

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