Ben Johnson, Sarah Pappas, and I went to high school together and then Ben came to University of Alabama during my second year there.  If you're wondering, I was a reeeeal good fit at that school.  They LOVE mouthy, alpha females who swear a lot.  Anyway, ya... and then ten years ago Sarah and Ben got married. Yay.  Pretty soon after that Ben started the Green Mountain Creamery yogurt company, had three great kids (not sure which order that was in), and now they're a happy family of five living near the beach in Marshfield.  Life rocks.
Thanks for everything, you guys.  Good luck.  LOVE!
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Think Sheldon and Chrissy's kid is gonna be handsome?  Just wondering.  I'm not sure any words can add to what we're all thinking.....yowza. 
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Oh, look at the cute little Irish Italian Bostonon kid.  Wicked cute.  Hudson is so adorable and his parents, my friend Niki and her wonderful fiancee John, are madly in love (with him an each other).  I spent some time with them in Hudson's first week of life, and Niki and John are naturals at this.  Their home is full of love and everyone is ready for this journey; their hearts have exploded in love.  I love that. :)
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Baby Isaac loves summertime.  Which is why he arrived in May rather than the previously scheduled August.   He arrived three months early and scared the bejesus out of his parents...we'll remind him of this when he's 6'4" and on the basketball court. I have photographed Joanna and Dean's engagement, wedding, and many of their friends and families weddings so I sortof feel part of the family.  When I heard about Isaac arriving early I begged Joanna to let me hang out with them one afternoon on her daily visit to the NICU at Brigham and Women's Hospital.  Here's what I saw.
Isaac, by the way, went home to Arlington today with his parents (July 8th, 2014).  He was born at three pounds and is leaving the hospital at 5.5 pounds.  (faint sound of a roaring crowd).  He's a champ, no surprise here. 
isaacsml001.jpg isaacsml002.jpg isaacsml003.jpg isaacsml004.jpg isaacsml005.jpg isaacsml006.jpg isaacsml007.jpg isaacsml008.jpg isaacsml009.jpg isaacsml010.jpg isaacsml011.jpg isaacsml012.jpg

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Paula says:

So, so beautiful. I'm always thankful for waterproof mascara when you start postin'

(07.15.14 @ 12:36 PM)
Well, ya don't get much cooler than the Drummey family, I can tell you that much.  Lu and Peter have created a family that is so full of the most scrumptious love and hilarious personalities I could explode.  Oh, and stylish and loveable, too.  Ya, it's my favorite family ever.  I hope you get a sense of the fun and the chaos and the love bomb that this crew is.  I hope for the very, very best for each and every one of them.  Always and forever.  Amen.
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