When Muji was a baby his mother nicknamed him Baby Cool Breeze because he was so easy going and chill, never cried, never fussed.  I know babies, and grown folk, who are like this and I admire such gentle spirits.   It didn't surprise me at all to hear that Muji was such a cool breeze from the beginning. 
Welp, when a gentle soul happens to be encased in a large, strong, athletic frame whatchya get is a gentle, cool... linebacker.   Muji played football for University of New Hampshire, and I'm sure he enjoyed that experience along with the vast cultural diversity up there in the granite state. ;)

In August 2011, so about ten minutes ago, Muji and his brother were in a car accident.  The car burst into flames and Muji lost the bottom of both of his legs and the fingers on his left hand. His brother, from what I understand, has also suffered very serious burns.
I bet if you take more than three minutes you can remember exactly what you were doing in August of 2011.  Maybe your life has changed dramatically since then, maybe it hasn't changed at all.  Maybe you *meant* to finally get the job or lose the weight or start the program or end the bullshit or start some bullshit, I obviously have no idea.  I can rest pretty easily on the fact that few lives have changed quite like Muji's has.  This motherfucker is so strong and so talented and so warm and so cool, and in the past three years he's...well... learned how to live, walk, run, be at peace, struggle, persevere, test himself, test the people he loves, and bring a SON INTO THE WORLD!!  He bought a gorgeous home, partnered off with *the* prettiest, coolest, chillest chick ever, has became a motivational speaker, and frankly realized that that accident in 2011 has opened more doors and more opportunities for love and life and connection than he could have EVER done without it.  Can we get a fucking AMEN on that please?  Can we get a fucking amen on the beauty and perseverance and STRENGTH of the human soul? Of THIS human's soul. 
Baby Cool Breeze?  Damn fucking right.
Muji Karim is a star among us, y'all.  It is an EXTREME HONOR to have been trusted to spend the day with this guy.   All we did was laugh our asses off all day and then I watched this guy RUN ON BLADES!!! 
GAHHHH!!!!!  I'm so on fire right now with MAD RESPECT and LOVE OF LIFE!!!    Muji, thank you SO MUCH for taking your journey with SUCH grace, man.  You are AN INSPIRATION TO THE ENTIRE WORLD, bro!   There is NO ONE LIKE YOU!!!!  I love you so much!  Have since the moment we met. 
The best is yet to come, Muji.  Hang the fuck on.  
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Jamie says:

This post brought tears to my eyes Tara. Muji, you are incredibly strong and your story is outrageously inspiring. A reason for me to stop bitching about...well... anything.

(11.15.14 @ 07:19 PM)
Lori Black says:

I have no words. Just tears in my eyes as usual Tara. This pictures are amazing!!!! Thank you BOTH for being outstanding human beings and sharing this story with us!

(11.16.14 @ 09:02 AM)
Marilyn was due with twins, a boy and a girl, on November 4th, 2014.  But almost four months early, Jeremiah and Elizabeth were born on July 24th, 2014 at a hospital in Boston. 
Marilyn tells me that Jeremiah was the sweetest, chillest little guy.  At not even two pounds he was pure gentle love.  Elizabeth, Lizzy, was feisty and strong, a fighter from the first breath.

Some lives are 100 years, some are 35 years, others are 12 years, and some lives are nine days long.  I do not pretend to understand it, but it is something we have to trust.  In just nine days, Jeremiah taught his strong, resilient, kind mama just how wonderful a man could be.  His life has opened his mother's heart not to break it, but to expand it infinitely in a tender, loving, gentle way.  Sometimes lives are nine days long.

Lizzy, on the other hand, is weighing in at the chub club at a whopping 7 pounds.  And if you've never seen a living chocolate chip you're about to.  Lizzy is my idol.  Well, Marilyn is, but Lizzy is the side kick all my idols have.  She's feisty and strong, determined and adorable, and her toes are wicked cute and I want to shove them all in my mouth and eat her whole.  And she already has great hair.

I hung out with Marilyn and Lizzy at the NICU at Beth Israel Hospital for a bit.  Lizzy will be coming home in a couple weeks.  I assume we'll be cheering her on in her amazing, beautiful, and long life.  Right alongside her mama.

Marilyn, it was a pleasure and an honor to be there for you and your daughter.  You are a strong, beautiful, kind soul and you are SURROUNDED by love.  The best is yet to come, my friend.  THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!!!!  YOU ARE LOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
blogmarilyn001.jpg blogmarilyn002.jpg blogmarilyn003.jpg blogmarilyn004.jpg blogmarilyn005.jpg blogmarilyn006.jpg blogmarilyn007.jpg blogmarilyn008.jpg blogmarilyn009.jpg blogmarilyn010.jpg blogmarilyn011.jpg blogmarilyn012.jpg
blogmarilyn013.jpg blogmarilyn014.jpg blogmarilyn015.jpg blogmarilyn016.jpg blogmarilyn017.jpg

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Yay! Cute family!!!  I met my friend, Jen, recently at the life changing Squam Art Retreat in Holderness, NH.  It was friend love at first sight and we're already thick as thieves.  Needless to say I fell all over myself when she asked me to photograph her and her family in Providence.   This is what I saw.  I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!  THANK YOU!!!
blogjen001.jpg blogjen002.jpg blogjen003.jpg blogjen004.jpg blogjen005.jpg blogjen006.jpg blogjen007.jpg blogjen008.jpg blogjen009.jpg blogjen010.jpg blogjen011.jpg blogjen012.jpg
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Jennifer says:

Tara, these are BEAUTIFUL! We loved loved loved our shoot with you! You put my three anxious children right at ease and captured their essence in a way that is truly magical. What a gift you have given us. THANK YOU!! xoxo- Jenn, Dave, Eliza, Marlon and Cora

(11.10.14 @ 03:04 PM)
Wow, 'nother tough day at the office with this crew.  This family, who I photographed a couple years ago, is legit the nicest, cutest, chillest crew around. Jack, the lil guy, is so nice his own mother calls him Little Buddha.  They're a giggly, silly, sweet, break your heart gorgeous crew and I feel extremely blessed to be able to point my camera at them.  Period.
blogjoesaraaveryjack001.jpg blogjoesaraaveryjack002.jpg blogjoesaraaveryjack003.jpg blogjoesaraaveryjack004.jpg blogjoesaraaveryjack005.jpg blogjoesaraaveryjack006.jpg blogjoesaraaveryjack007.jpg blogjoesaraaveryjack008.jpg blogjoesaraaveryjack009.jpg blogjoesaraaveryjack010.jpg blogjoesaraaveryjack011.jpg blogjoesaraaveryjack012.jpg

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WHOA!!!!!!!  THIS was one killer experience!!  First of all, I have to say that I LOVE IRELAND!!!  If you know me, you know I've been all over the world, but I have to say... I've never been more proud to be an Irish girl from Boston after that trip.  Loved every second. I accompanied the one and only painter, Flora Bowley, on this trip as she taught her amazing painting method.  There were three other teachers at the retreat, Orly, Pauline, and Melinda.  There were 40 very lucky students from around the world, all flowin' and growin' at the famous Bantry House in Bantry, Ireland.  The Bantry House is a stately home built in the 1600s and sits on the harbor on THE most gorgeous grounds you can possibly imagine.  It's truly a portrait photographer's dream.  I photographed the women immersed in their work as well as private portraits around the grounds.  It was SUCH an honor and a joy.  I hope I remember it forever and ever, amen.  THANK YOU.
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